Needs and Characteristics of Living Things

Curriculum Expectations:

1S2, 1S3, 1S5, 1S7 - 1S9, 1S11, 1S13, 1S14, 1S16 - 1S19

Half Day Program

Fantastic Earth Day Activity

Students will be welcomed with the sounds of wildlife.

The students will investigate the needs and characteristics of animals and plants through the use of authentic samples of  skulls and bones such as a moose, deer, bison, mink etc.  They will also be able to explore real world samples of bird’s nests, porcupine quills, dragonflies etc. 

We will be discussing, “What is a living thing” and what are their basic needs.  We will investigate the physical characteristics of a variety of animals and plants.  Every animal has different characteristics; the number of legs, their body covering, how they are born and the different environments they require to live.  How we as humans need these animals and plants will also be discussed.

 The beavers’ habitat and characteristics will be explored and each student will make a beaver hind footprint out of plaster that will highlight webbed feet, nails and skin.  A perfect Earth Day activity.

  • Explore and Examine:  
Moose skull, deer jaw, beaver teeth, coyote skull and authentic samples of insects, bird nests, feathers, moose fur, deer fur, snapping turtle eggs ,snake skin, birds nests, feathers, porcupine quills, dragonfly nymphs, etc.
  • Craft: 
Several options available including :  life size animal track replica out of plaster, pinecone bird feeder, dragonfly creatures etc. 
  • Games:  
Play interactive games that support the discussion of animal characteristics and their habitats.