Curriculum Based Science Programs - Grades Kindergarten to Grade 6

Excellent Earth Day Activity!


The Stories of Nature is a curriculum based program for JK - Grade 6 focused on the Life Systems Science Unit.  Each interactive workshop consists of activities that are designed to enhance student knowledge and understanding of the natural world. The use of several authentic samples such as skulls, bones, teeth, nests, insects and porcupine quills allow students to visualize academic concepts.

Programs Available

JK/SK   -  Appreciation of Nature and Animal Tracking
Grade 1 -  Needs and Characteristics of Living Things
Grade 2 -  Growth and Changes in Animals
Grade 3 -  Growth and Changes in Plants
Grade 4 -  Habitats and Communities
Grade 6 -  Biodiversity

Montessori Learning - Incredible Living Things
Seniors' Workshop - Native Animal Wildlife
Coming Soon: Pioneer Studies

*all photography by Laurie Brown

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