Seniors’ Workshop

 Senior Entertainment and Activities!

Program length flexible

from 45 minutes - 1 Hour, 30 Minutes

Native Animal Wildlife

The senior residents will be completely immersed in the native animals of Canada.  They will be greeted by many native species, and be given a chance to examine many samples such as,

  • replica beaver skull, beaver teeth, beaver chew stick, coyote skull, moose skull, deer jaw, deer antlers, deer jaws
  • snapping turtle shell, snapping turtle eggs, adult and nymph dragonfly, snake skin, porcupine quills
  • moose fur, deer fur, rabbit fur, bear fur
  • life size plaster cast replica of animal foot prints such as bear, deer, mink, otter, porcupine, rabbit etc.

Conversation is encouraged as we discuss different animal habitats and share past experiences involving the great outdoors.   

Exploration of Native Birds 

Explore and Examine the wonderful world of birds.  Through the use of bird calls, taxidermy and authentic samples we will discuss what they eat, where they live and their behaviour.  

Learn More About Worms! (Optional)

We will examine how they breathe, how they eat and many other interesting characteristics.  You would be surprised how intricate these tiny creatures truly are.