Appreciation of Nature

Curriculum Expectations:

KS1, KS2, KS3, KS6, KS7, KS8, KS11, KS13, KS19

Half Day Program

Fantastic Earth Day Activity

Students will be welcomed with the sounds of wildlife.

The students will be observing and investigating the natural characteristics, behaviour, habitat and life cycles of the animal kingdom.  With the use of authentic samples of feathers, furs, bones, bird’s nests, porcupine quills, dragonflies etc. we will discuss animal tracking and the evidence some animals leave behind.   Animal communication sounds will be used to discuss how animals use their bodies and their vocal cords in their everyday lives. 

The beavers’ habitat and characteristics will be explored and each student will make a beaver front footprint out of plaster that will highlight their foot pad, nails and skin markings. 

The students will be left with an understanding and caring for the natural world around us and an appreciation for our earth.  A perfect interactive workshop to celebrate Earth Day!

  • Explore and Examine:  
Deer antlers, beaver teeth, moose fur, deer fur, snapping turtle eggs ,snake skin, birds nests, feathers, porcupine quills, dragonfly nymphs, etc.
  • Craft: 
Several options available including :  life size animal track replica out of plaster, pinecone bird feeder, dragonfly creatures etc. 
  • Games:  
Play interactive games that support the discussion of animal characteristics and their habitats.

*all photography by Laurie Brown